Is Tech Trek right for my daughter?

Tech Trek is an exciting and engaging week-long residential summer camp for girls featuring hands-on science and technology classes, a fun and educational field trip, opportunities to meet inspiring women role models, and a unique college campus experience. To attend, families need only pay a $50.00 registration fee.

Your daughter is a good fit for Tech Trek if she is currently in the 7th grade and interested in math and science with the potential to excel. Tech Trek is looking for girls who have not had the opportunity for experiences like Tech Trek before, but are excited by the opportunity to try something new, learn new things, and challenge herself. The ideal Tech Trek camper cooperates with teachers, shows respect for other students, regularly participates in class discussions, and makes positive choices for herself in and out of class. To apply, girls must be nominated by their science or math teacher.

  • “Tech Trek was an amazing experience! I learned so much from the STEM courses. There is nothing I would change about this experience. It was fun, empowering, and very educational. I am so glad that my place will be filled by someone new next year. I feel very comfortable being able to say many good things about this camp and inspire other girls my age in my city to continue pursuing STEM goals.”
  • “I’ve learned the many fields in STEM and what I can become within those fields. I’m striving to pursue a job with NASA as an astronaut or as an engineer. I now completely believe that I can do so and so can others.”

Tech Trek Really Works!

We surveyed girls who attended Tech Trek in California several years after they attended Tech Trek. The results speak for themselves:

  • 82% of girls chose to take more science classes in high school because of Tech Trek
  • 91% of girls reported that Tech Trek boosted their self-confidence in their ability to be successful in science classes
  • 77% of girls say that Tech Trek increased their interest in technology
  • 87% of girls say that Tech Trek introduced them to new STEM careers
  • 96% of Tech Trek alumnae go to college

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